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Mandango – The Man With The Inner Voice


Eric Mandango or just Mandango began to play guitar early on at a very young age. He taught himself to play by listening to records from the USA and England influenced by guitar heroes from the 60’s and the 70’s.

He grew up in Croatia in a small town where the blues and rock has a meaner, harsher edge.

His playing combines the essence of rock, blues and country and reflects a combination of British and American styles mixed with his Croatian descent.


Guitar players especially important to Mandango include Ry Cooder, Chris Rea, Rory Gallagher, and Jonny Winter. Many of his songs spotlight the styles of these great performers.

Mandango launched his first single “One Man Story” back in 1996 and one year later (1997) his debut album “Dancing With The Memories”. A successful european tour, seven other singles and videos including his most radio played songs "Jasmin" , his soulful guitar instrumental song "Can't Find My Way Back Home",

his Studio Album "Stranger" and "Past for Present" followed.


In addition to his solo career, recording, touring and promoting his own music, Mandango works in the background of the music business, television & film industry as a producer, songwriter, studio & session guitarist.

Music is Mandango’s life. He's an honest artist who dedicated himself uncompromisingly to his work. 


"A lot of people ask me how I got my name and what does it mean? "Mandango" (the Sleeping Inca ) is a mountain in the southern region of Ecuador -Vilcabamba, the area has been referred to as the "Playground of the Inca." It's a very beautiful and magical place."

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